"I liked the program. It was fun.
I think about the balloons when I feel sad or angry. They help me calm down and feel better."
- E.F., age 8

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Our Story

Helping Children Cope Programs™ was started in 2009 in response to young mothers with cancer who asked for guidance in talking to their children about diagnosis and treatment. Over the years we’ve seen the strain that illness (or death) puts on the entire family. We recognize that children may not understand the big words or even the big picture of what’s happening around them, but they do feel the emotional upset. They experience the distress of change in routines and people in their life.

girls listening

Our job, as we see it, is to help children like these—and their parents—find ways to share concerns and feelings together, and help parents find the community resources needed for coping with illness (or death), family, and daily life.

We don’t invent our programs alone. We seek the talents and skills of others to help us create meaningful experiences. Our shared goal is to strengthen the emotional resilience of both children and adults.

We see the value of community and how children light up when there are others of their age to share experiences with. Even adults find comfort in knowing they are not alone in their situation or their needs.

boys with drawings

MISSION AND GOAL. Our mission is to help families with young children communicate better together in light of a loved one’s illness or death. We provide information and a list of community resources for further help when needed, at no charge to families. Read more about our mission.

OUR METHODS. A child’s imagination is a universal and helpful coping tool. Especially for children who may struggle with the “right words” to express their feelings. Depending on the particular program outlined below, we may use stories, art, music, movement, or theater to enhance the child’s ability to use that imagination in beneficial ways.

OUR PROGRAMS. Click on the links below for more information about each of our offerings. You can always call our main number, 781-624-8919, for guidance about any of our Helping Children Cope programs.

OUR IMPACT. Since 2009, dozens of families and hundreds of professionals have attended our family of programs. Here’s a sample of what they say:

woman and girl at program

“What a fantastic outlet for children to channel their fears, frustrations, and thoughts in such a way that they have… free rein.” – A.M., Nurse

“This was wonderful and extremely helpful.” – S.N., Parent

“I liked the program. It was fun. I think about the balloons when I feel sad or angry. They help me calm down and feel better.” – E.F., age 8

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