"Young children flourish in warm, comfortable settings like ours. Through The Moon Balloon story and drawings, children express their thoughts and creativity in ways that feel good to them.
Children naturally thrive in this atmosphere of unconditional acceptance and support."
- M.B., Guidance Counselor and Program Facilitator

Partners and SupportersRev. Ken Read-Brown sings the Moon Balloon song at a Hingham program session

Helping Children Cope Programs™ is a community outreach effort of the Friends of South Shore Hospital, a volunteer coalition that supports South Shore Hospital’s patient care programs.

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Partners and Collaborators

  • Hospice of the South Shore, Brenda Karkos, Director
  • South Shore Conservatory, Eve Montague, Director of Creative Therapies
  • Laura’s Center for the Arts, Emilson YMCA, Kimberly LaCroix, Program Director
  • The Moon Balloon Project™, Joan Drescher, Author, Illustrator, Teacher
Helping Children Cope Professional Team Training Session


  • Financial
    • Private donors
    • The Friends of South Shore Hospital
  • Blue Hills Community Health Alliance
  • Friends of Mel Foundation
  • Ken Read-Brown, Minister of Old Ship Church, Hingham, MA, who composed the melody and performed the song, The Moon Balloon, featured on this website. The words of the song are from the book, The Moon Balloon, written and illustrated by Joan Drescher. All rights reserved.