Moon Balloon

"Cancer takes your family on a journey that you didn't necessarily plan for. The HCC program has ensured, through opening communication lines with my children, that I don't take the unplanned journey alone, but rather with my family right by my side."
- D.I., Survivor and Parent


Kemo Shark

Comic Book and Video Recording

Kemo Shark is the hero of a 16-page color "comic book" that helps children understand the psychological and physiological changes in a parent with cancer who undergoes chemotherapy. Kemo Shark deals with these issues in a child-friendly way.

It is available, free of charge, to view online or to download to your computer. In English or Spanish at

Kids Tell Kids What It’s Like When Their Mother or Father Has Cancer

Susan Nessim, Cancervive, Inc., Los Angeles, CA. 1998

(908) 901-8845

This video aims to enhance communication among children when a family member is diagnosed with cancer. If features numerous children ages 6-10 who share their feelings about how it feels to have a family member with cancer. They talk openly about their reactions, emotions, fears, coping mechanisms and hopes related to their parent’s cancer. It is designed to be watched with both children and parents, and is a wonderful discussion starter for families. We recommend an adult preview before family viewing.

Designed to be watched by parents and children together.