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The Moon Balloon Song by Ken Read-Brown is based on the book The Moon Balloon by Joan Drescher. Produced with assistance by Helping Children Cope and The Friends of South Shore Hospital.

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Helping Children Cope Programs™ is a community outreach effort of The Friends of South Shore Hospital. We serve children ages 5 and older who are dealing with cancer or death in their family. All programs are single-session events. The programs, plus the books and reference materials provided, are FREE to the children and their family members.

Talking to a child about a loved one’s cancer, or a loved one’s death, isn’t easy at any age. What to say? What words to use and when? How to know what the children are feeling? These are questions caring adults ask themselves and each other. We are a “first step” program, designed to bring famiies together to share and to prepare for later at-home conversations.

We believe strongly in the power of the arts (stories, art, music, movement, theater) to help children heal. Through arts, they can express unspoken feelings and can find emotional release. Through our Helping Children Cope programs, families learn that:

  • All children grieve or respond to the stress of another person's illness differently due to age and personality.
  • Children are aware of more than adults realize about changes in the household due to illness or death.
  • Children’s imagination, through art, gives us important clues about what they believe.
  • Even one program session can make a difference!

Click on the flyer for each of these programs to see a larger image of it with readable details. We encourage you to click on the About Us menu for more background on the programs, our mission, and our staff. You will find location and registration information there as well. Please look through our entire site and if you like what you see, or want more information, please call us. While there are several program-specific phone numbers on our site, you can always call our main number, 781-624-8919, for information and guidance.

Helping children deal with grief through the arts

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Ongoing Programs

Helping Children Cope with a Loved One's Cancer™

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Helping Children Cope with Loss™

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